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Linda Bryant, owner of Destiny Darlings Mystical Maidens, got her start creating wooden angels at Christmas time 2018. She had done some other wood projects for Christmas presents in the past but wanted to do something nobody had done before. She found the pattern for her large angels, which she calls Diva Darlings, from an obscure website on Pinterest. From there she got creative on her own and figured out how to make the other designs by experimenting. The results are these cute little angels, fairies and pixies. Most people probably don’t care, but the difference between a fairy and an angel is that a fairy has a crown and an angel has a halo. And the difference between them and the pixies is that pixies have long legs and braided yarn hair with no headpiece. There are four different sizes of Darlings: Dearest, Dainty, Dreamy and Diva. See if you can guess which one is which.

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