Revival of the Darling of the Week

Updated: Jul 22

Last year I came up with the idea for Angel of the Week. Then when I started making fairies it got awkward. Then came the pixies and that was when Angel of the Week went by the wayside. This year they're back with a new name: Darling of the Week.

I've taken a new approach to them this time. Each one is picked based on the theme for that week. For instance, Feb 2 Darling honored National Cancer Day and Feb. 9 Darling honored Valentine's Day.

I'm posting all the DOTW I have done so far this year in one post, but in the future I plan to submit a single post for each one. I'm going to try to do it on the same day I post it to my social media channels, which is Sunday.

I plan on writing a little back story on each one to explain why that particular doll was chosen. I will include interesting tidbits about the doll itself, and why it fits the mood for the week.

For instance, this week's Darling for the week of February 9, 2020, is a duplicate of the first Darling I ever sold. I created a duplicate of her, then decided I didn't care for her wings, which were made from shiny gold scrapbook paper. I wanted them to look more real, so I painted the ones she is now wearing.

I did this not just for looks but also for quality. I worried the shiny pattern on the wings would cause them to stop sticking and fall off the doll. I also noticed it left a very bad glare when photographing the doll.

Most of my dolls have gotten a major facelift over the last couple of months. She is one of them.

Starting next week my dolls will all have names. I will introduce the doll by their name when posting the DOTW on Sundays.

I love that you are part of this great metamorphosis of my business. Right now I'm just an ugly caterpillar but I will soon bloom into a butterfly. And you will get to be there to watch me grow.


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